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New Toyota Vios image1

New Toyota Vios

Full catalogue of New Toyota Vios
Corolla Altis Accessories image1

Corolla Altis Accessories

Exterior, Interior, Electric and Utility
new avanza 2012 wooden dash board image1

new avanza 2012 wooden dash board

new avanza 2012 wooden dash board
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Myer Motors Electric cars

No more Gas station trips needed
Reduced or eliminated global warming impact
Gets more attention than a $100,000 sports car
Zero emissions for cleaner, healthier air
Access to HOV carpool lanes at 76 mph*
Motorcycle parking and fees
First on first off the ferry
Most energy efficient vehicle on the road
Charge in convenience of your own garage
Reva NXG Electric car image1

Reva NXG Electric car

Wide as a supercar, the NXG's muscular styling and design are both futuristic and sensual. Scheduled for production in early 2011, the NXG is a 2 seat M1 targa top. With a top speed of 130 km/h and a range of 200 kms, the lithium ion powered car provides enough torque and acceleration to make it fun but not an irresponsible enerygy consumer. The NXG also packs in REViveTM, 4 Wheel disc brakes with integrated regenerative braking, along with all the advanced technologies that the NXR possesses.
Reva NXR Electric car image1

Reva NXR Electric car

The REVA NXR is a four-seat, three-door hatchback family car suitable for urban driving. It is packed with user friendly technologies like advanced telematics and REVive.
The Tango Commuter Cars image1

The Tango Commuter Cars

The Tango's ability to maneuver through traffic is second to none. Like a motorcycle, it can change lanes to gain advantage in traffic better than any car in history. Where lane splitting is permitted (i.e., driving between lanes of stopped or slow-moving traffic), the advantage can be staggering. In extremely heavy traffic, a Tango or motorcycle can travel in 20 seconds the distance that cars travel in 20 minutes.
Toyota Corolla Altis Accessories image1

Toyota Corolla Altis Accessories

Toyota Corolla Altis Accessories
Electric Car / EC-3 image1

Electric Car / EC-3

Rated passengers: 4
Power: 72V DC 4.5 kw
Electric system: 12V DC
Charger: 72V 25A
Max Speed (km/h): โ‰ฅ55(can be restricted below 40km/h)
Honda City-accessories image1

Honda City-accessories

Honda City-accessories
Toyota Yaris - Accessories image1

Toyota Yaris - Accessories

Toyota Yaris - Accessories
Yaris S-limited image1

Yaris S-limited

Yaris S-limited
Yaris Universal accessories image1

Yaris Universal accessories

Vanity sun visor
Seat belt pad
Child seat
Emergency and safety kits

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